Principles of Self Defence: For Mind, Body and Spirit

Principles of Self Defence: For Mind, Body and Spirit

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1839522933 | 177 Pages | True EPUB | 5.79 MB

If you are looking at self-defence for the first time or are an experienced martial artist that wants to add to your knowledge, then 'Principles of Self Defence' is the book you need.

Have you ever been in a fight? have you ever had to really hit somebody? The chances are, for many of us that live in peaceful law-abiding countries, that the answer would be no, never.
Despite this the fear of assault is part of everyday life and we all ask ourselves what if?

Most self-defence books available assume a level of physical strength and experience in conflict such as serving in the police, military or working security. What if you have never been in a fight, are not physical fit or are being mentally and physically abused? Alessandro has used his 27 years of martial arts experience to strip away any reliance on physical strength or combat experience to create simple but very effective techniques. Importantly he looks at what it is to be a victim and how to train the mind to win the mental battle.

Training in self-defence maximises your chances of survival through focused training of your mind, body and spirit. This holistic approach is the focus of first part of the book that examines what constitutes self-defence, its history and its core principles, what is an assault, both physical and mental, and the victim mentality. How to develop coping strategies to optimise decision making when under extreme stress, avoid physical assault and when necessary to take the initiative if violence is unavoidable.

The second part of 'Principles of self-defence' forms the basis of a step by step training program, giving you confidence through the safe simulation. Strikes, grabs, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks and rape scenarios, in the technical section, provides you a fully illustrated reference guide that can be referred to throughout your self-defence or martial arts journey.


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